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About Rippling Run Kennel

Rippling Run Kennel in Sewickley, PA, is a family business and we live where we work. Our home is adjacent to the kennel facility, with which we share over 8 acres of land amidst grassy yards, fresh springs, and wooded, rolling hills. We are located in the peaceful North suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA and we serve clients from not only the Pittsburgh area, but from all over Western PA, and parts of Ohio and West Virginia.


There is no reason boarding has to be a traumatic event for your pets. With caring, knowledgeable attention from our experienced family of animal lovers, most pets learn to not just tolerate, but ENJOY their boarding stays with us.


At Rippling Run Kennel, we don’t just "kennel" your pets, we provide them with a quality, loving and stimulating environment, with a family atmosphere. We talk to them just as you do at home. We play with them, and treat them as the cherished friends that they are. We realize that each pet is affected differently by their separation from their family, and try to adjust things so they are as comfortable as possible during their stay.


We provide more than just the necessities of food, water, and shelter. We try to get to “know” your pet, so we can make him as happy as he can be without his family around. We care for the animal’s well-being, not just their basic survival needs.  

Rippling Run Kennel

Dog boarding

Our kennel facilities are spacious, safe and comfortable. The building is radiant-gas heated in the winter, and air conditioned in the summer so your pet can enjoy their visit. We keep music playing 24 hours a day, which helps soothe the pets and keep them from being bothered by storms and other noises outside.


We walk all dogs four times a day, inside our fenced exercise area – this is part of the boarding charge. We feel this is important, as housebroken dogs do not like to have to soil their cages, as they do in facilities that do not walk the dogs on a regular basis. If you would like your pet to have some extra exercise, check into our “Doggie Day Camp” program. When dogs are well exercised, they are more relaxed and less stressed.


We have five different sizes and styles of kennel runs to comfortably accommodate dogs of all sizes and activity levels from the smallest Toy Poodle to the largest Great Dane, and everything in between. We can board more than one dog from the same household in a run together.


We offer grooming for an additional charge. If you would like to be sure your pet is fresh and clean when he gets home, please see our grooming page for details.

Cat boarding

At Rippling Run, we give our feline friends special care, just as you do at home. While most cats would prefer to stay in their own home, this is not always possible. Therefore, it is important to make sure your pet is in a safe, secure, environment. We strive to make your cat’s visit as stress-free as possible, by giving lots of personal attention so it’s the next best thing to being at home.


Keep in mind that cats react much differently in a strange environment than do dogs. Cats are instinctively solitary animals. They do not run in packs as dogs do. Therefore when confronted with strange surroundings, a cat’s normal response is to withdraw physically and mentally into a protected, solitary state. For this reason, cats enjoy the “protected” feeling they get from being caged while in a kennel.


While it is true most dogs will want to run around and get acquainted, your cat will probably want to sit in the corner of his cage and stare, until he feels comfortable in the new environment. A common reaction of a cat owner to the idea of caging is “Kitty loves to run around.” Perhaps he does at home, but while he is in unfamiliar surroundings, his cage gives him a feeling of safety.


Exercise is an important part of care services for your pets. Here again, the difference between a cat and dog must be understood. Dogs need space in which to get their necessary exercise, whereas cats exercise isometrically. That means if a cat has enough room to stretch, he can exercise every muscle in his body. When your cat is in strange surroundings, around strange cats, he will undoubtedly much prefer “safety” to “space."

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