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Serving Sewickley, North Hills and the Pittsburgh area

Rippling Run Kennel - Dog Boarding | Sewickley, PA

While you are away let your pets play

Dog grooming

Stop by today and pamper your dog with professional, caring dog grooming

We never use sedatives or harsh chemicals of any kind. We recommend getting your pet groomed on a regular basis, which is every 4-8 weeks for most breeds. Regular grooming can help reduce shedding, dry skin, matting, hot spots, and not to mention “doggy odor.” Call 412-364-4447 for an appointment.

Exceptional dog grooming for your best friend

  • All-natural grooming products

  • Nail trimming

  • Ear cleaning

  • Flea baths

  • Shampooing and conditioning

  • Hair cuts

Your dog is safe with us. Call Rippling Run Kennel today to schedule your appointment.

Keeping your pet happy and healthy

awning-graphic Dog bath Dog hair cut Dog hair trimming Dog nail cut